United Response set up the Every Vote Counts project in 2007 to help more people with learning disabilities take part in politics and use their vote. We did a survey that asked people some important questions. We asked if people with a learning disability supported by United Response in England and Wales ever voted or got involved in politics.

We found out that many of the people United Response supported were registered to vote, but not many people actually voted in elections or got involved in other ways. We asked people why they did not get involved. They told us there was not much easy read information to help them understand how politics works, how it affects them and how they can get involved. Support staff told us that without more information it was hard for them to support people to get involved.

Accessible information

We then worked with people with a learning disability and the people who support them and made a pack of information to tell people about politics and how they can get involved. We used the pack to help people with learning disabilities vote in the 2010 general election. We also created information to help politicians make their information easier to understand for constituents.


Along with other organisations, United Response campaigned to make people understand about why it is important for people with learning disabilities to vote. The campaigning was successful. All three main political parties produced easy read manifestos for the first time and more people with learning disabilities voted at the 2010 election than ever before.

However, there are still not enough people with learning disabilities voting and that is why United Response is campaigning again.

Spread the word

We want to tell as many people as possible about the Every Vote Counts project. You can help us do this. Please tell your friends, family, support workers, MPs and councillors about the campaign, by showing them this website. They can also sign up to the newsletter.

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