Local elections

You can have a say in who becomes a local councillor by voting for them at a local election.

Each council area is split up into smaller areas, called wards. You can find out which ward you live in by contacting your local council.

Each ward has councillors that represent the people who live in that area on the council.

A lot of local councillors are members of a political party, although some councillors are independent.

There are local elections every 4 years where you can vote to decide who will become a councillor.

Almost anyone can try and become a local councillor if they want to. There are some rules about this and to find out more you can contact your local council.

People who want to become a councillor will often print leaflets and put them through your door before an election to tell you what they want to do if they get elected.

This is to try and help people decide who they want to vote for.

Once they have been elected, your local councillors start the job of representing the people who live in their area.

To find out more about local elections, click here.

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