Your rights

There are laws made by Parliament that say all disabled people have the same rights as non-disabled people. You can complain if you feel your rights are not being respected.

Politicians make decisions that affect how safe it is where you live. For example, they can help decide how many police officers there are in your area. They also make decisions about things like road safety and street lighting.

The law says all new buildings must be accessible to everyone. Older buildings should be made accessible if they can be. The law says people cannot ask you to leave a place because of your disability.

You have the right to have a relationship with the person you choose. For example, politicians have changed the law so that, in some parts of the UK, people of the same sex can get married if they want to. This means that they can have the same rights as other married couples.

The law says that in most situations an employer should not discriminate against a disabled person because of their disability.

You have the right to tell politicians about things that matter to you. For example, you can ask to meet your MP, MEP or local councillors. You can also write to them or email them about things that are important to you, or contact them on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, there are also politicians who make decisions about each nation. You can contact them too

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