Where you live

Politics can help decide how much housing is available where you live. For example, politicians can help decide what kind of housing is built in your area like flats, houses or bungalows.

Politicians make decisions that affect how safe it is where you live. For example, they can help decide how many police officers there are in your area. They also make decisions about things like road safety and street lighting.

Politics can affect what places there are to go to in your area. For example, local politicians can decide if there are hospitals, colleges, community centres, sports centres and day centres where you live.

Politics can affect how much you pay for things where you live. This means things like council tax, council rent, parking and using your local leisure centre.

Politics can affect how the streets and parks are kept clean. Local politicians make decisions about collecting your rubbish. They also decide about any new buildings that are put up where you live.

Politics can affect what public transport is available where you live. Politicians can make laws that say how accessible this transport is and how easy it is for you to get about in your community.

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