What you do

The Government can make sure that college courses are accessible to both disabled and non-disabled people. For example, they can make sure colleges provide one-to-one support, a sign language interpreter or copies of documents in other formats if you need it.

The Government can decide to let someone have a Direct Payment to pay for their support. This means that the money for any support that they need goes straight to them. That person can then organise their own support and choose their own staff if they want to.

Your employer must look after you at work, whether you are a paid worker or a volunteer. There are laws about health and safety at work to protect you

The law says that in most situations an employer should not discriminate against a disabled person because of their disability.

Politicians can decide how much money is available to provide day services for people. Social services can use this money to provide day centres or they can give people money for one-to-one support.

Evening classes should be open to everyone in the community. You can complain if you think you are not being treated fairly, or if there are courses you want to do but are not allowed to take part in.

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