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Working with people with a learning disability

These organisations can help you work with people with a learning disability or know people with learning disabilities who can provide training.

UR Consultants
People First
Speaking Up

The Government Office of Disability Issues has published a toolkit called 'Producing better information for disabled people — A toolkit for local authorities'. This has advice about how to involve and consult people with a disability.

Accessible information

These organisations can provide resources to help produce accessible information.

Caroline Firenza
People First

Other formats

Organisations that can help you with advice about producing information in other formats.

British Deaf Association

There are lots of different organisations that provide services translating information into other languages. An internet search can help you find these.

Accessible websites

Here are some websites that are accessible for people with learning disabilities.

Every Vote Counts!
Valuing People
Your Money Your Home
Making Money Easier

Learning Disability organisations

Learning Disability Coalition

The Learning Disability Coalition represents a large number of key learning disability organisations who have come together to form one group with one voice. Links to all of these organisations are available from their website.
United Response

United Response is a charity working across England and in Wales supporting people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities.

Other useful sites

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Electoral Commission

You can find an easy read guide to voting in the toolbox section of this website, which has resources for everyone who wants to help others get involved in the democratic process.
The Plain English Campaign
Office for Public Sector Information

You can find out about current legislation by visiting

You can find out about proposed legislation by visiting
United Nations Enable

You can find out about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disablilities.